Geography Typography!

“Lucy love this” is a etsy shop opened in March 2011 by Lucy Stephens a london based book cover designer. The shop is seen recent success as it’s designs have become world renowned. I’m sure part of that is clever marketing when you consider most the artwork is based around the world, I’m talking about countries and letters and locations. All of which is beautifully illustrated with topography work intricate enough so that it becomes hard to see at a distance. Here it Artisfied we wish them continued success and I hope to see a lot more her illustrations popping up on our site. Stop by and check out her store and if you like something buy it, we love seeing artist able to feed themselves!

Typographic Art Of London

Typographic art of the letter C


Typographic Art Close up

Typographic Art close up

Typographic Art of the letter A

London Typography

Typographic lettering S

Typographic art of the us - close up

Typographic art of the us

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